Winter weather report: Looking out for your pooch in this freezing weather!

Hi Everyone!

My family and I live in New England and let me tell you we have been getting a TON of snow! We have been getting a new storm every week and having temperatures dropping well bellow zero.  I love the snow and typically can spend all day outside playing in it.  This is where your mommy or daddy comes in.  My mommy typically knows when I need to come inside to prevent myself from getting too cold.

When its to cold for you to go out even with a million layers on, chances are that it is too cold for your pooch friends to go out as well, at least for long periods of times.  I know we have coats that look ultra fluffy like the best blanket ever, but they only get us so far especially if we are mostly indoor animals.

Some things you should know:

1. Is your dog up to date on his/hers health exam? If not then the extreme cold can worsen medical issues that your dog has like arthritis.  Especially for your older companion.

2. When its very cold, ice forms.  This means that your dog is more likely to slip and fall on the slippery surface.

3. Shorten your dogs time outside. Pets with diabetes, heart disease, kidney disease, or hormonal imbalances (like Cushing’s disease) may have a harder time regulating their body temperature, and may be more susceptible to problems from temperature extremes.

4. Update sleeping or resting areas.  As the weather gets colder your house inevitably gets colder as well (sometimes no matter how high your heat is blasting).  In order to keep your pet comfortable place beds in a warm area or add a blanket to their usual spot so they can warm up faster after being outside.

5. Check your dogs paws! The cold weather can cause pads to split and bleed or frostbite after extended exposure so frequent checks keeps you on the look out.

6. Keep a collar on.  The snow can mask scents that your dogs have become accustom too so they might get lost easier than in the warmer weather.

7. Watch out for antifreeze!  That stuff is poisonous to animals and yet smells good to them.  Clean up spills or leaks immediately!

8. Pay attention to your dog.  Keep checking your dog to make sure nothing has changed (shivering, whining, limping, etc).

9. Don’t go stingy on the food.  Yes this sounds like I am just asking my mommy to feed me more but it really is beneficial to your pooch friend!  Keeping a healthy weight on your dog protects them from the cold!

Here are some photos of Louis V and I playing in the snow (I know, I know, you’re probably sick of seeing us in the snow!)

IMG_1054 IMG_1078 IMG_1081 IMG_1086 IMG_1090 IMG_1091 IMG_1092 IMG_1094


Hope this was helpful! If you have anything to add please comment! I know my mommy knowing these things really has helped Louis V and I in the cold weather!


Kincaid (the one and only)



Trip to the Vet: Why its important to bring your pooches to the Vet.

Hi Everyone!

This week I went to the veterinarian! I know a lot of dogs do not like going to the vet (including Louis V) but I love it!  I am pretty sure I am the vet office favorite.  Any time I go in I howl and howl and howl, I do this so that they first: know I am here, second: to let the other dogs know I am here, and third: just because I am excited!  Every time I go in they shower me with treats!  You would howl too!

Mommy always makes our appointment super early, I get annoyed because then there aren’t a lot of other dogs there.  I wonder why she does that?  Normally right when I get there I get rushed into the examination room and meet my vet friends!  I think they rush me in because they are excited to see me too!  Then when we are done they let me go out the back of the building because I am a celebrity!  Mommy says they do this because I don’t stop howling and it annoys the other dogs and people.  I think she’s crazy.  I am the favorite, so I get special treatment!

I heard my mommy talking to grandma on the way out and she said something funny: “I always want another dog, then I go to the vet and get the bill, and I’m cured of that idea!” she’s funny, we are NOT getting another dog hahaha.  Louis V is enough for me!

Summer and Misty went to the vet that day too!  Sadly we didn’t all get to go in together.  Summer and Misty went in when I was waiting in the car for mommy.  Here are some photos (not very gracious I may add… mommy is not a photographer that is for sure) of us all!


As I stated earlier, I love going to the vet but some doggies do not.  That shouldn’t mean that they don’t have to go, going to the vet is very important for our doggie well being.

Here are a few reasons why your doggies should go to the Vet:

-To check on your doggies progression in life (Weight, skin, eyes, teeth, breathing, organs, etc.)

-Your Vet will know better than you if their is any underlying issues now or issues that can show up in the future (Diseases, Cancer, Joint Issues, etc.)

-Check for Parasites (Believe it or not we pick these up fairly easily. Roundworm and Hookworm can be transmitted to Humans)

-Maintain Heart Health (Heart worm preventive, checkup, weight, etc.)

-Maintain Dental Health (Tartar buildup, gum disease, etc.)

-Preventive Shots (Rabies, Distemper, Adenovirus-2, and Canine Parvovirus-2 are the primary shots)

-For your own satisfaction on knowing that your pooch will be happy and healthy!

I hope this post helps you out or gives you incentive to bring your doggie companion to the vet, or gives you a better idea on why they do go to the vet.  If you have anything to add please comment down bellow!  I would love to hear any crazy vet stories you guys have to share!  Also if you would like to be informed on when we post click the subscribe button!


Kincaid (The one and only)

We’re Back! (Sorry, sorry, sorry!)

Hi Everyone!

I am so sorry about not posting in SOOOO long!  It has been a tough couple of months but now I am back!  I guess Louis V is back too… he insisted.

Why don’t I give you a quick recap of what I have been doing these past few months starting with Christmas!

So Christmas was wonderful!  I got to open presents with Summer, my lovely lady, and with Misty (she was pretty lame).

IMG_0836 IMG_0838IMG_0831

We played for a long time, we got so many toys!

Louis V got some toys too!

IMG_0827 IMG_0825

Overall, It was an awesome Christmas!  We had lots of fun celebrating with family and making fun of Louis V because he had to wear this!

IMG_0778 IMG_0779

Haha he looked like a clown!  Don’t tell mommy but I helped him take it off when no one was looking, I had to help the poor guy out.

After Christmas the snow really started coming to us!  Louis V and I love the snow so we have pretty much been playing in it since I saw you last.

IMG_0987 IMG_0989 IMG_0990

Those aren’t even the biggest mountains we have of snow!  I will make mommy take a picture of me on the biggest one! (we have 4).  What can I say I like my Mountains, it makes me feel like a king!

I hope your holidays were just as awesome as ours was!  If you are in the New England area I hope the snow isn’t too bad for you!  I have missed you all so much and will be posting more often so I can keep in touch with you!


Kincaid (the one and only)


P.S. I’m watching you!

Louis V and I got an Instagram!

Hi Everyone! I figured seeing how I was already a dog with a blog, I should become a dog with a Instagram as well!  This way I can post photos of the daily happenings right away! If you want to know what is going on right away with Louis V and I then follow KincaidandLouisV on Instagram! I really would appreciate it! And you know Louis V loves to participate in photo shoots so there will be plenty of photos!  I hope to post at least once a day!

Hope you have a nice night!


Kincaid (the one and only)

P.S. Look at this little Louis V about to go to sleep! He is such a little poser!


Setting up the Christmas Tree!

Hi Everyone!

Today we picked up the Christmas Tree! It was super fun because it was Louis V’s first christmas tree! It is my second which means I am a officially a christmas tree expert!  I had to show Louis V the ins and the outs so he knew how this whole human tradition worked.  I personally, as a dog, adapted to this tradition very quickly and took it on as my own thanks to my family.

Here is a couple photos of us with the just put up tree! You can see grandpa screwing it in place! Louis V is very interested in this process.

IMG_0713 IMG_0714IMG_0715

After the tree is secure we put lights on and then all the ornaments! Don’t tell anyone but my favorite part about the tree is knocking off the ornaments on the lowest part of the tree.  I think my brother Joe was on to me last year, but now I have Louis V to blame! He he.

IMG_0738  IMG_0731 IMG_0741

Isn’t it pretty! Look at Louis V posing! Sheesh, and my photo mommy took before I was about to sneeze! Oh well, you all know I am the cutest!

I hope you all had fun with your holiday festivities and I will be keeping you posted on more fun adventures that me and Louis V take part in!


Kincaid (the one and only)

How I met Summer

Hi Everyone!

Today I am going to tell you about my girlfriend Summer! But first I will tell you about my day, it was a very calm day for Louis V and I.  Mommy was home working on homework and stuff, I guess she has finals next week and needed to study and do work.  I would hate to be a human and have things like finals, it all sounds way to stressful.  I like laying down everyday whenever I want, running after the FedEx guy, chasing our neighbor Allen and his Doberman (that doberman is a pain in my butt), chewing bones, digging holes, the list could go on and on.  So as I was saying, for Louis V and I it was very relaxing, not for mommy.

I am all for relaxing but Louis V can sleep all day long… its insane.  I take naps but I have to get up and chase the big trucks that go by, I wouldn’t want them thinking they can come into the driveway.


After our relaxing day mommy brought me to play with my girlfriend summer at her mommys house.  She is a pretty mix breed who has a lot of energy!  She just likes to play and beat me in tug of war, little does she know I let her win.  She lives with my mommy’s mommy.

IMG_0673 IMG_0672

Isn’t she cute! My mommy helped her mommy adopt her a couple of years ago from a local shelter.  Its actually a funny story.  I guess they went to the shelter to go look at a cute husky named Cole and Summers sister Misty (the black cocker spaniel in the background) didn’t get along with him.  She got a little sensitive when he didn’t give her the time of day…. sheesh.  The lady who ran the shelter said that this dog named Summer wanted to come meet them, she ran out and next thing they knew she was coming home with them for good!  I am very happy about this because if they didn’t I would have never met her and she wouldn’t be my girlfriend!

I always have fun playing over at my grandmas house! After that I was pretty tired out and went to bed! Hope you all had good days and aren’t letting final exams and holiday stresses get to you!


Kincaid (the one and only)

Dog Adoption Discourse Analysis: Facebook pages

Hi Everyone,

Today I am handing the reigns (or keyboard) over to my mommy.  She has been working on a pretty cool project that relates to dog adoption and one of its discourse communities: Facebook.  This is something that is really close to our hearts and so she wanted to do a little research to see what made online forums/pages/websites successful at getting dogs adopted, like with me!.


I am Stacy Kincaid’s mommy,

As Kincaid has mentioned I wanted to do a little research into the world of online dog adoption.  First, I posed a question that I was interested in, then, I picked out 4 Facebook pages dedicated to dog adoption, I performed my research, collected my data and then presented my results, all down bellow.


What specific dog adoption post’s accumulate more attention and more likes?

Below, I have posted tables of my data that I collected averaged out.  To collect my data, I looked at about 150 posts for each Facebook page.


Mercer Animal Rescue: 13,765 followers on Facebook (This is where Kincaid came from :))

Posts: Average Likes:
Dog’s for adoption (With Pictures) 54.2
Funny Photo/Quote Photo 62.7
Success Stories (With Photo) 28.8
Other: (Media, Community, Personal) 24.1


 Rescue Rovers Dog Adoption:  10,327 followers on Facebook

Posts: Average Likes:
Dog’s for adoption (With Pictures) 89.1
Funny Photo/Quote Photo Not Applicable
Success Stories (With Photo) 66.9
Other: (Media, Community, Personal) 62.3


Every Dog’s Dream Adoption Center:  3,484 followers on Facebook

Posts: Average Likes:
Dog’s for adoption (With Pictures) 48.5
Funny Photo/Quote Photo 51.5
Success Stories (With Photo) 68.6
Other: (Media, Community, Personal) 37
Post Without Photo 10.6


Protectors of Animals:  4,961 followers on Facebook

Posts: Average Likes:
Dog’s for adoption (With Pictures) 70.9
Funny Photo/Quote Photo 40
Success Stories (With Photo) 83
Other: (Media, Community, Personal) 34.6

Through my data I can see that for Mercer Animal Rescue they generate the most likes with their funny quotes and pictures that they post.  Their close second, is the pictures and posts with dogs that are available for adoption.  That seemed to always make the top 2 most amount of likes.  Which is definitely what we want to see.

For Rescue Rovers Dog Adoption their most generated likes came from the pictures posted with dogs available for adoption.  Those posts, by them, generated an average of 23 more likes than any other post they posted.

For Every Dog’s Dream Adoption Center we see that the most likes generated from the success stories with photos.  This Facebook page had the least dogs available for adoption than any other Facebook page I looked at.  They also posted posts that did not have any photo’s attached to them and for those post it didn’t generate a lot of likes.

Lastly, Protectors of Animals generated the most likes for their success stories with photos.  A close second, was the dogs that were available for adoption.

This data shows me that, although all of these Facebook pages have different amount of followers Mercer Animal Rescue has 13,765 where as Every Dog’s Dream Adoption Center has 3,484, the amount of likes they accumulate seem to be based off pictures that are associated with the post.  Almost all of these pages post every post with a photo or photo’s.  This helps to generate a connection by sight.  When people can see a picture of what they are reading about it generally helps them to feel a better connection to what they are reading, whether it is a dog for adoption, a success story or a funny dog photo quote.

My final product seems to stand as: success stories and dogs available for adoption generate the most amount of likes.  This is good to see because the reasons that these awesome people are putting on and working with Facebook pages is to get these awesome dogs homes that they will be loved in.

What I found very surprising after doing this research was that even though each page has a completely different amount of followers 13,000-3,000, they generated around the same average amounts of likes. That is definitely something to think about, if you have any answers or reasons behind this please comment bellow and let me know what you think!

Thank you for letting me takeover Kincaid’s blog! Hope to hear from you guys on what you think of my project!


Stacy (Kincaid’s one and only mommy)

This is what Kincaid is doing while I am finishing up typing out this project.  He wants his blog back….


Hi All!

Hi Everyone!

Kincaid here, and wondering how all of your Decembers are going?  This is a busy month for my family and I.  Mommy is finishing up her fall semester at school and daddy and mommy have christmas parties to go to.  It has so far been a fun and exciting month!  I saw grandma Deedle sneaking in a dog toy that looked like I would love! I hope its for me! Mommy and daddy have also be suspiciously sneaky these last few weeks, I wonder what they are cooking up for this holiday.  I saw mommy also bringing in cute little socks for Louis V! They have cute little paw prints on the bottoms!  Louis V is going to hate wearing them! I am so excited! He He.  I just got a scary thought…. maybe.. no… mommy wouldn’t get those for me too? No she wouldn’t do that to me.  Im crossing my paws.

I especially love holidays because of the new and old traditions that are performed and developed.  Mommy is showing me that I have a stocking every christmas! She and Daddy have one as well same as my brothers! Another tradition is Mommy and her Grandma bake dozens of cookies to give them away to their friends! Mommy always makes a cookie that looks like me!


What are your plans for the holiday season? What holiday’s do you celebrate?  What are some of your favorite traditions?


Kincaid (the one and only)


Happy Thanksgiving!

Hi everyone!

I hope you all had a wonderful thanksgiving! Louis V and I sure did!  I love thanksgiving!  I just have so much to be thankful for.  I have a family to call my own, yummy treats, food, snow, long walks, Louis V (don’t tell him I said this), my toys, and many more reasons I can’t think of right now! What? I am a dog you know.

Before everyone got here we all went outside and played with my Jolly Ball! I love this toy, the first thing I did when it snowed was unbury it! I didn’t want to lose it like I did last year.

IMG_0633 IMG_0631 IMG_0629

For thanksgiving my Grandma Deedle decorated the table so nicely! When everyone arrived we sat down at it and messed it all up! I don’t know why Grandma Deedle put all that work in just to have it all messed up afterwards! Like I have said before, humans are so weird.


When everyone sat down I was able to sneak under the table and collect whatever scraps people dropped (much to mommy’s dismay).  Louis V kept whining because he wasn’t getting enough attention.  He is such a cry baby.  So Grandpa picked him up and sat him on his lap! I was shocked!  It was sooooo not fair! No one picked me up!


Daddy saw this and gave me a treat under the table.  So I guess I can’t really be all that mad.

How was all of your thanksgivings?

What are you all thankful for?

Mommy and daddy tell me everyday that they are thankful for me! I am pretty awesome so no wonder they say this.


Kincaid (the one and only)

Louis V’s First Snow!

Hi everyone!
This was a very exciting past week for my family and I! It was Louis V’s first snow and it was thanksgiving!  (I will be posting about my thanksgiving after this one!) I personally love the snow and was very excited for Louis V to join in on the fun snow filled activities! I mean who doesn’t love the snow! You are surrounded by fluffy white stuff that you can eat!

He was very unsure about what the white stuff all around was, he didn’t want to go outside right away.  He is ridiculous, I was brave my first snow and just ran out as fast as I could! After I showed him how much fun the snow really is he went nuts! He was running around chasing me and jumping on me! Look at the first photo he’s punching me in the face! I think we have another snow lover in our house now! I was the first one, just remember.  He likes to do what I do, but I don’t mind.

IMG_0634 IMG_0635 IMG_0637





IMG_0643  IMG_0645  IMG_0646

Louis V gets colder a lot easier than I do and had to go inside and lay on the couch.


I stayed outside as late as mommy and daddy would let me! (I could tell mommy was taking photo’s of me so I decided to pose)

IMG_0647 IMG_0618IMG_0625

Grandpa even built me the start of my Mountain for this winter! Keep checking in and I promise to update you on how big it gets! It is my favorite spot to watch all that happens around my family and me.

IMG_0642 IMG_0641


Do you guys love the snow like I do? What are some of your favorite snow filled activities?


Kincaid (the one and only)